The Center for Gay Self-Realization and Uranian Psychoanalysis

Education, Research and Practice of Gay Individuation and the Fostering of Homosexual Subjectivity

Selected Writings on Uranian Psychoanalysis and Gay-Centered Psychology

Gay Liberation at A Psychological Crossroads [2009] — Mitch Walker

The Revolutionary Psychology of Gay-Centeredness in Men

Three Short Essays by Mitch Walker, Ph.D. [1999]

“The Archetype of Gay-Centeredness in Men”

“The Revolutionary Challenge of Gay-Centered Inner Work”

“A Recent Gay-Centered History Lesson”

“Contradictory Views on Radical Faerie Thought” [1997] — Mitch Walker
From White Crane Journal, Fall 1997 (#34): FAIRIES

“A New Jungian Theory Of Male Homosexual Personhood:
Individuation As Gay” [1991] — Mitch Walker

“Visionary Love - A Spirit Book of Gay Mythology” [1980] — Mitch Walker

“The Problem of Frankenstein [1977]” — Mitch Walker

“The Double: An Archetypal Configuration” [1976] — Mitch Walker

“The Man Who Loved Frankenstein” — Douglas Sadownick

“Crisis of Conscience in the Gay 90’s” — Douglas Sadownick

“Age of the Uranians” — Douglas Sadownick

“Harry Hay’s Essentialism” — Douglas Sadownick With Chris Kilbourne

“How the Star Wars Saga Evokes the Creative Promise of Homosexual Love” — Roger Kaufman

“Heroes Who Learn to Love Their Monsters” — Roger Kaufman

"The Secret History of the Radical Faeries" — Douglas Sadownick

"Nietzsche’s Gay Liberation" — Douglas Sadownick