The Center for Gay Self-Realization and Uranian Psychoanalysis

Education, Research and Practice of Gay Individuation and the Fostering of Homosexual Subjectivity

Gay-centered Inner Work Club

Meets on the First Saturday of Every Month

About the Club

The Gay-Centered Inner Work Club invites anyone interested to participate in helping cultivate depthful community that celebrates the divine nature of same-sex love by grasping its psychological potentials. This Club emphasizes the development of subjective homosexual experience in self and with others through mutual exploration into relevant subjects like the evening’s topic with its related theory and practice about being gay-centered, as well as any pertinent dreams, fantasies, memories, and especially feelings that may range all the way from unpleasant or unacceptable heteronormative-caused fear, shame, and anger too, on the more euphoric side, desire, love and Uranian Eros. Gay liberation is here practiced subjectively as the evolution of ego-Self relations progressively from out of and beyond the grip of toxic unconscious complexes sourced in non-gay parental dynamics and other early, traumatized instinctual and transpersonal patterns. In this way we can choose to create a world of beauty and creative possibilities.

A Uranian way of connecting with one another would be to start within with the gay psyche, where the deeply gratifying work of fey psychological alchemy, operated chiefly by productively engaging big feelings and issues to transform the lead of what internalized homophobia has ruinously wrought into the phoenix gold of gay self-actualization, can effectively be undertaken in communion with like-minded others.

Don’t forget to bring a notebook in which to write and draw! The experience will be facilitated by Chris Kilbourne, long-time activist, and is sponsored by the nonprofit educational corporation Treeroots.


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