The Center for Gay Self-Realization and Uranian Psychoanalysis

Education, Research and Practice of Gay Individuation and the Fostering of Homosexual Subjectivity

Gay-centered Inner Work Club

Meets Saturday February 4th 2023

Event Flyer for Saturday February 4th 2023 - From Visionary Love to Uranian Eros and Gay Subjectivity

A Practical Community Discussion On How Mitch Walker's Seminal Book Visionary Love: A Spirit Book of Gay Mythology Is More Relevant Than Ever

Part 30: Transmutational Faerie

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About the Center for Gay Self-Realization

The Center for Gay Self-Realization is sponsored by Treeroots, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the study and facilitation of enhanced gay liberation through gay-centered* psychological growth in self and community and is the most recent activist grassroots organizing project of many over the years since Treeroots’ founding in 1982. The Center, which is just getting started, will be operated to help incubate gay-centered thought and practice in subjective understanding and maturation by organizing topical in-person individual, group and community-building possibilities.

Although these offerings have been on hold due to the covid situation, that problem seems to be gradually waning, so when conditions are deemed safe enough, educational activities and opportunities will be started up, notice of which will be posted at this site.

The new Center is meant to institute a further developmental phase subsequent to the 2020 dissolution of the previous such project undertaken by Treeroots, the Institute for Uranian Psychoanalysis (a form of gay-centered psychodynamic understanding), which was founded in 2005 and functioned, some might say thrived, for almost 15 years and included a serious and elaborate training program. It can be assessed that the mere fact of establishing at all such a bold project to legitimize the cultivation of a gay activist psychology, much less expansively maintain it at length, was nothing short of miraculous given how hostile, homophobic, and heteronormative the worlds within and without still are, where a homosexual perspective is yet anathema.

The discombobulating manner of the Institute’s unfortunate demise left the remaining organizers and program trainees badly hanging, and the resulting recalibration for Treeroots operators just to get their bearings has been emotionally and practically challenging to say the least. At first the situation felt quite disempowering and disheartening, yet over time and with much effort is leading to exciting new growth in the practice of gay-centered inner work personally, conceptually and implementationally. As things have gotten increasingly stabilized, there has grown a fresh eagerness for effectuating new projects that extend a powerful, evolving grassroots tradition dedicated to more-successful gay spirit ensoulment by applying psychological appreciation, and thrive while doing so. As such, the Center is anticipationally excited to initiate follow-up activities when feasible, on a limited basis at first, and so continue a rich, forty-years long pattern of thought and action by offering grassroots community experiences now loaded with wiser understandings, so as to provide some affirmative activist continuity in the spirit of what was a popular and successful Uranian psychoanalytic training program.

At the same time, Treeroots is proud to be able to continue sponsoring the monthly public Gay-Centered Inner Work Club meetings which introduce and explore that titular theme, and which many have supported as itself a valuable decades-long tradition, now online. In addition, Treeroots maintains a relevant and informative website.

*That is, from a gay point of view.

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