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The Gay-Centered Inner Work Club From Visionary Love to Uranian Eros and Gay Subjectivity - The Gay Soul and the Myth of the Homosexual A Practical Community Discussion on How Mitch Walker’s Seminal Book Visionary Love - A Spirit Book of Gay Mythology Is More Relevant Than Ever

Part 10:
"The Gay Soul and the
Myth of the Homosexual"
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Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Join us on Zoom from 7:00-9:00 PM PDT

with Chris Kilbourne moderating

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Visionary Love, A Spirit Book of Gay Mythology, by Mitch Walker, was published in 1980 at the peak of the exuberantly magical, psychedelically creative, boldly sexually experimental early period of the gay liberation movement. During this time, the expression of an undeniably powerful gay spirit, of real love and possibility, burst into the world... and shortly thereafter seemed virtually silenced with the decimation of the gay community from AIDS and the rise of the Reagan regime, which laid a lot of the groundwork for the horror of Trumpism.

More than 700,000 people in the U.S. alone have died of this disease so far, such substantial mortality due in no small part to Reagan's homicidal neglect early on, as well as to other more-obvious culprits, right-wing religious fanatics and other hate groups. But in the culpability department can also be placed seemingly supportive progressives who have had a deleterious effect on our “gay spirit” and thus our mental and even physical health through espousing such homosexual-negating ideas as conveyed in postmodern “queer theory.” These forces have conspired to annihilate, subsume, dilute, or coopt the extraordinary nature of same-sex love Mitch celebrates in Visionary Love.

Nowadays, even with the current, astonishing historical level of social acceptance compared to the recent past, the idea of emancipation of our extraordinary potentials as homosexual, has been for the most part forgotten as we have been steadfastly corralled into conforming with the hetero mainstream.

But not entirely. There are still many ways to actively address this all-too-neglected situation, the valuational situation in being gay, the endogenous gayness in gay identity: try mindfully putting up a rainbow flag in your home, or invoking the idea of gay liberation the next time you have sex, or writing your gay dreams down in a special journal, and then there is the possibility of getting involved with the gay-centered inner work community by attending a Club meeting. Here is the chance to immerse yourself a little in a most unusual setting, where our gay natures can be validated, shared, related with to, at least to some extent.

During this coming discussion we can honor this remarkable book, Visionary Love, as a powerful Call to a more contemporary form of activism, one that starts within but is experienced with each other.

Mitch offers many thought-provoking notions and perspectives that can help combat the poisonous scourge of demonizing hate and projective violence in the external world around us, by mainly going inward and investigating our own gay souls, as well as any subconscious complicity with and allegiance to that internalized violence that works against our own more-valued natures and thwarts our potential to be able to transformationally, alchemically handle what we discover inside. To that end, the Club focus for this tenth part in a series will be on the archetypal Double and the “Myth of the Homosexual.” We’ll explore together how these two concepts among many others have evolved over the decades towards a cherishing of our homosexual natures as the Beloved Double, inspired by “Uranian Eros,” and grounded by an emancipationally existential “homosexual subjectivity.” And as always, the main emphasis of this Club meeting will be on sharing whatever we feel about our own inner gay spirit work communally, thus co-creating a very unusual experience.

About the Club

The Gay-Centered Inner Work Club welcomes participants of all backgrounds to participate in cultivating a depth-loving community that honors the divine nature of same-sex love, and celebrates the idea that such a gay spirit has sparked the creative juices of a whole lineage of same-sex loving forebears who’ve existed in cultures spanning the globe and time, from the strange, eccentric village shaman, to monks and nuns in same-sex monasteries, as well as poets, philosophers and artists, like Sappho, Da Vinci and Walt Whitman to name just a few.

This Club seeks to validate the development of subjective homosexual experience in self and with others as a potent source of power, wisdom and meaning which can be cultivated during the meeting, such as in the exploring and sharing of your take on the evening’s topic, as well as relevant dreams, fantasies, memories, feelings and ideas, in addition to darker fears, shame, and anger, particularly as stamped into us through growing up and surviving in a hostile heterosexist world. It helps to bring a notebook in which to write and draw!

There is a Uranian way of connecting with one another, which is to start within, where the deeply gratifying work of fey psychological alchemy, transforming the lead of what internalized homophobia has wrought into the gold of gay self-actualization, can effectively be engaged in communion with like-minded others. In this sense, the Club can be thought of as a kind of “outer” alchemical container for the “Work.”

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