The Center for Gay Self-Realization and Uranian Psychoanalysis

Education, Research and Practice of Gay Individuation and the Fostering of Homosexual Subjectivity

Gay-centered Inner Work Club

Meets Saturday June 4th 2022

Event Flyer for Saturday June 4th 2022 - From Visionary Love to Uranian Eros and Gay Subjectivity

A Practical Community Discussion On How Mitch Walker's Seminal Book Visionary Love: A Spirit Book of Gay Mythology Is More Relevant Than Ever

Part 22: Cumming at the Altar of the God of Gay Love: Becoming Gay Shamanism and How Mitch Walker’s Story Can Help In Finding Your Trueself

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What is Treeroots?

Treeroots is a Los Angeles-based group of gay activists dedicated to bringing homosexually-centered psychological self-awareness to the top of the agenda in the lives of ourselves and all members of the same-sex-loving community.

Homosexually-centered psychological self-awareness is a needed extension of gay liberation politics and activism, an answer to the growing stagnation of increasingly assimiliationist-oriented gay society and discourse, a more realistic way than established methods to identify and actualize homosexual emancipation individually and collectively to the fullest, of better getting at both personal challenges to being more maturationally gay and at interpersonal as well as collective problems in our community arising from or importantly contributed to by psychological factors, consequently enabling the better realization of that always-living vision about the best which same-sex-loving peoples can mean and become humanistically, spiritually, profoundly, to themselves, each other, and the world.